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Ionization Potentials of Nickel

H. N. Russell gave 7.64 and 18.2 volts for the ionization potentials of nickel, and the subject was studied by C. T. Chu, B. B. Ray and R. C. Mazumdar, S. C. Biswas, A. C. Davies and F. Horton, U. Andrewes and co-workers, R. L. Petry, G. B. Welch, G. B. Kistiakowsky, and C. H. Thomas. H. Wahlin found the critical potentials in nickel vapour between 0 and 17 volts; and O. W. Richardson and co-workers represented the series by v=181.9 – 2357n2, where n=4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 volts. C. H. Thomas gave for the L-series of nickel, 833.4 and 948 volts. W. Herz gave for the vibration frequency of nickel 8.07×1012. The subject was studied by W. Herz, J. B. Austin, J. E. P. Wagstaff, and G. B. Kistiakowsky.

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