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Nickel Antimonide, NiSb

Nickel Monantimonide or Nickel Antimonide, NiSb, may be prepared by direct combination of the elements or by heating nickel to 800° C. in the vapour of antimony trichloride. It occurs as reddish violet crystals, which are non-magnetic, and of density 7.70 at 0° C. It fuses at 1100° C. and decomposes at 1400° C. Chlorine and oxygen act on it at red heat, and warm concentrated nitric or sulphuric acid decomposes it.

The freezing-point curve of nickel and antimony indicates the existence of several other antimonides, namely, Ni5Sb2, Ni4Sb, and possibly of Ni4Sb5. Ni3Sb may also exist.
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