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Nickel Chlorate, Ni(ClO3)2

Nickel Chlorate, Ni(ClO3)2, may be obtained by double decomposition of aqueous solutions of nickel sulphate and barium chlorate. On concentration rhombic crystals of the hexahydrate, Ni(ClO3)2.6H2O, are obtained, which at 39° C. are converted into the tetrahydrate, Ni(ClO3)2.4H2O. This latter salt melts at about 80° C., but the existence of a dihydrate in the melt, corresponding to the analogous cobalt derivative, has not been ascertained. The solubility of the salt in water is as follows:

Temperature ° C.8104048.5556579.5
Grams Ni(ClO3)2, in 100 grams solution.52.6656.7464.4767.6068.7869.0575.50
Solid phaseNi(ClO3)3.6H2ONi(ClO3)2.4H2O
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