Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
      Mechanical Properties
      Plastic Flow
      Coefficient of Expansion
      Thermal Conductivity
      Molten Nickel
      Magnetic Power
      Thermal Properties
      Index of Refraction
      Radiation Energy
      Absorption Spectra
      X-ray Spectrum
      Emission of Electrons
      Photoelectric Effect
      Ionization Potentials
      Conductivity of Crystal Nickel
      Contact Potential
      Electrochemical Series
      Electrode Potential
      Salts Solutions
      Nickel-Iron Accumulator
      Thermoelectric Force
      Peltier effect
      Thomson effect
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    PDB 2jk8-2v4b
    PDB 2vbq-3c2q
    PDB 3c6c-3h85
    PDB 3hdp-3kvb
    PDB 3l1m-3o00
    PDB 3o01-4ubp
    PDB 8icl-9ant

Nickel-Iron Accumulator

T. A. Edison, and E. W. Jungner constructed the so-called nickel-iron accumulator in which the charged cell had a positive electrode of nickelic oxide, and the negative electrode, finely divided iron; the electrolyte is a 20 per cent. soln. of sodium hydroxide.

The reaction during the discharge involves FeFe••+2-, and Ni•••Ni••++, or Fe+2Ni(OH)3Fe(OH)2+2Ni(OH)2. For the energy of the reactions obtained by F. Giordani and E. Matthias, vide infra, nickelic oxide. The cell was studied by M. U. Schoop, A. Dinin and M. U. Schoop, Nya Ackumulator Aktiebolatge Jungner, F. Peters, A. Erb, R. Gahl, A. L. Marsh, M. Sevillano, E. Schneckenberg, A. E. Kennelly, C. F. Holmboe, F. W. Mann, W. Dinser, A. E. Kennelly and S. E. Whiting, H. Lyon, O. Schmidt, F. M. Davis, F. Sieg, H. Rodman, A. Bainville, F. Forster, F. Forster and V. Herold, G. Hagen, M. Roloff, M. Roloff and H. Wehrlin, K. Elbs, P. Krassa, O. Faust, J. Woost, O. Pattenhausen, J. Zedner, E. F. Roeber, G. Nordstrom, L. Grafenberg, W. Hibbert, C. W. Bennett and H. N. Gilbert, M. de Kay Thompson and H. K. Richardson, R. Jonaust, and L. C. Turnock. W. Dinser, D. W. T. Kirkman and F. W. Mann, and F. W. Mann discussed the nickel-cadmium cell.

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