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Nickel-Iron Accumulator

T. A. Edison, and E. W. Jungner constructed the so-called nickel-iron accumulator in which the charged cell had a positive electrode of nickelic oxide, and the negative electrode, finely divided iron; the electrolyte is a 20 per cent. soln. of sodium hydroxide.

The reaction during the discharge involves FeFe••+2-, and Ni•••Ni••++, or Fe+2Ni(OH)3Fe(OH)2+2Ni(OH)2. For the energy of the reactions obtained by F. Giordani and E. Matthias, vide infra, nickelic oxide. The cell was studied by M. U. Schoop, A. Dinin and M. U. Schoop, Nya Ackumulator Aktiebolatge Jungner, F. Peters, A. Erb, R. Gahl, A. L. Marsh, M. Sevillano, E. Schneckenberg, A. E. Kennelly, C. F. Holmboe, F. W. Mann, W. Dinser, A. E. Kennelly and S. E. Whiting, H. Lyon, O. Schmidt, F. M. Davis, F. Sieg, H. Rodman, A. Bainville, F. Forster, F. Forster and V. Herold, G. Hagen, M. Roloff, M. Roloff and H. Wehrlin, K. Elbs, P. Krassa, O. Faust, J. Woost, O. Pattenhausen, J. Zedner, E. F. Roeber, G. Nordstrom, L. Grafenberg, W. Hibbert, C. W. Bennett and H. N. Gilbert, M. de Kay Thompson and H. K. Richardson, R. Jonaust, and L. C. Turnock. W. Dinser, D. W. T. Kirkman and F. W. Mann, and F. W. Mann discussed the nickel-cadmium cell.

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