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Nickel Nitrate, Ni(NO3)2

Nickelous Nitrate or Nickel Nitrate, Ni(NO3)2 may be obtained in the anhydrous condition by the action of nitric anhydride or a solution of this in nitric acid upon the hydrated salt. It is a pale greenish yellow powder, which decomposes at 105° to 110° C., evolving nitrous fumes.

The hexahydrate, Ni(NO3)2.6H2O, is dimorphous. It is obtained as green monoclinic crystals by concentration of a solution of nickel hydroxide or carbonate in dilute nitric acid at temperatures below 55° C. - most advantageously at about 40° C. Density 2.065 at 14° C. At low temperatures the salt separates out in crystalline lamellae. The crystals deliquesce in moist air and effloresce in the dry. Their solubility in water is as follows:

Temperature ° C-21-12.5-10-60204156.7
Grams Ni(NO3)2 per 100 grams solution.39.9441.5942.1143.0044.3249.0655.2262.76

The composition of a saturated solution of the hexahydrate in water at temperatures ranging from -21° to 41° C. is given by the expression:

Ni(NO3)2 + (12.886 - 0.11355t)H2O.

Crystals of the hexahydrate melt at about 56.7° C., losing 3 molecules of water. If maintained at 70° C. they melt, large orthorhombic crystals of the trihydrate, Ni(NO3)2.3H2O, being produced. This hydrate is stable between c. 55° and 95° C., at which latter temperature the crystals melt with simultaneous decomposition.

The solubility of the trihydrate in water is as follows:

Temperature ° C.586064709095
Grams Ni(NO3)2 per 100 grams solution.61.6161.9962.7663.9570.1677.12

At 55° C. nickel nitrate has nearly the same solubility as the corresponding cobalt salt.

At -16° C. the nonahydrate, Ni(NO3)2.9H2O, can be isolated from the solution, but only with difficulty on account of the low temperature. Its solubility in water is as follows:

Temperature ° C.-23-21-10.5
Grams Ni(NO3)2 per 100 grams solution39.0239.4844.13

The solubility curve of this hydrate intersects that of the hexahydrate at -16° C.

When alcohol is added to a solution of nickel nitrate in aqueous ammonia, blue octahedral crystals of the monohydrated tetrammoniate, Ni(NO3)2.4NH3.H2O, separate out. These are unstable in air.

Double Nickel Nitrates

A double nitrate of nickel and bismuth, 3Ni(NO3)2.2Bi(NO3)3.24H2O, has been prepared as green crystals, melting at 69° C. without decomposition. Other double nitrates are known, including double nitrates of certain rare earth metals, and several basic salts had been prepared.
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