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Nickel Nitrite, Ni(NO2)2

A solution of Nickel Nitrite, Ni(NO2)2, is obtained by double decomposition of nickel sulphate and barium nitrite, but the salt itself has not been isolated. It yields a stable double salt with potassium nitrite, namely, 4KNO2.Ni(NO2)2, which crystallises in brownish red octahedra, when excess of potassium nitrite is added to a concentrated solution of nickel nitrite. In the presence of a calcium salt a yellow crystalline precipitate is obtained, of composition represented by the formula 2KNO2.Ca(NO2)2.2Ni(NO2)2 or K2CaNi(NO2)6, which closely resembles potassium cobalti-nitrite in appearance. The corresponding barium and strontium salts have been prepared.
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