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Nickel Subsilicide, Ni2Si

Di-nickel Silicide or Nickel Subsilicide, Ni2Si, is obtained by heating nickel and 10 per cent, of silicon in a carbon crucible in an electric furnace. It is a stable, steel-grey substance, density 7.2 at 17° C. Fluorine attacks it with incandescence at ordinary temperatures, and chlorine at red heat. It dissolves readily in hydrogen fluoride, less so in hydrogen chloride; aqua regia decomposes it completely.

The freezing-point curve of nickel and silicon indicates the existence of several other silicides, namely, Ni3Si, Ni3Si2, NiSi, and Ni2Si3. A tetranickel silicide, Ni4Si, has been isolated. Density curves, however, apparently indicate the existence of three silicides only, namely, Ni2Si, NiSi, and Ni3Si2.
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