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Peltier effect of Nitrogen

The Peltier effect with nickel and copper was found by H. Jahn to be at 0°, 1.21 millicals. per coulomb; P. Cermak gave 1.90 at 0°, 2.2 at 100°, and 24 at 450°; E. Beck, 1.385 at 14.4°; A. E. Caswell, 1.51 at 22°; and H. C. Barker, 1.61 at 28.7°. E. Beck gave for iron and nickel, 2.288 millicals. per coulomb at 15°; for cadmium and nickel, 1.53 at 15°; and for zinc and nickel, 1.534 at 15°. A. Campbell found the neutral point with nickel and nickel silver to be 254.3°. The subject was discussed by E. H. Hall, and E. Sedstrom. For a couple of nickel and lead, P. W. Bridgman gave for the Peltier effect P×106 = (-17.61 – 0.0356θ)(θ + 273) volts; and for uncompressed nickel against nickel compressed at a press, p kgrms. per sq. cm., the Peltier effect in joules per coulomb ×1016, is:


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