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Plastic Flow of Nickel

W. Lode, W. Rohn, G. Sachs, and F. C. Thompson and W. E. W. Millington discussed the plastic flow of nickel; and J. Gamier, the fluidity. A. L. Kimball and D. E. Lovell gave 1.55×1015 c.g.s. units for the internal friction of the cold-rolled metal; and B. Gutenberg and H. Schlechtweg gave 2×l08 c.g.s. units for the internal friction. K. Honda and S. Konno gave 0.722×108 for the coeff. of viscosity of rolled nickel. J. Gamier, T. Gnesotto and L. A. Alberti, and W. Sutherland made observations on the viscosity of the metal; and J. Coumot and S. Silva found that the viscosity of nickel at 500° to 600° is nearly double that of an ordinary soft, or semi-soft steel. K. Iokibe and S. Sakai studied the effect of temperature. S. Sato measured the internal energy due to cold-work. P. E. Shaw and E. W. L. Leavey studied the friction of nickel in vacuo against nickel, copper, silver, aluminium, and iron; and observations were also made by G. A. Tomlinson.

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